Week One of R&D complete!

Third time’s a charm..

The last few days have seen an absolute boom in our rehearsal process. On Monday we began wading through the treasure trove of ideas that we had accumulated during our early explorations. Some of our ideas turned out to be absolute goldmines ( if we do say so ourselves) and exploded into being as we played with and developed them, while others were packed neatly into one of our many suitcases to be used for future adventures. That’s the beauty of devising – you discover a hundred different ideas for every one that you actually use. The difficulty is often deciding which ones to keep and which ones to store away. It’s actually a bit like picking teams at school. We chose our favourites and played with them.

A rough order began to emerge and we experimented with different ways to skip from moment to moment, developing the journey of the central characters and the audience as we went. By the end of the day we’d tacked together what we envisaged to be the first two thirds of the show and hit the hay with our little brains buzzing with more ideas.

This blog has been interrupted by Rosanna (Artistic Director) informing me that I need to get my priorities right and help her finish the pot of Ben & Jerry’s. Job done.

Yesterday saw us take another tremendous leap forward across the creative chasm, aided and abetted by the wonderful and oh-so-very talented James Boston and his box of musical tricks. Having watched the rough skeleton run through of the show he was able to pitch in with music and sound ideas to make the show all the more magical. There are a number of moments which will really develop with the use of sound and a number of images which will be far clearer and more three-dimensional with the music that James has already begun to conjure. By the time we finished for the day we were all feeling incredibly excited!

Today there was just time to choreograph some movement, make a few decisions, do some automatic writing (very useful when you’re stuck for a moment) and pack away the multitude of props that have spread across our rehearsal room. What an exciting point to be finishing on for the week!


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