Unexpected Places at LPAC Lincoln

Hello and welcome to our first blog about all things unexpected.

We have just started a week long rehearsal period at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre and have already had lots of fun hitting the local charity shops to source props for From Scraps version 2.0, which we will be performing on Wed 22nd Jan. Find out more here! 

We started the rehearsal process mind-mapping out ideas we’ve had from other rehearsals, to build a bank of material we could start to explore and devise from, before watching back the footage of From Scraps in Bristol. One element we really wanted to focus on was the creation of our ‘Grandpa’ figure which we began to look at through manipulating an old overcoat we found in a charity shop here in Lincoln. A few hours later and Grandpa was brought into the From Scraps world.

By exploring the manipulation of various found objects -and fueled by copious amounts of biscuits and laughter- we have already come up with lots of magical visuals, telling stories through the memories and emotions each object might hold.

Quite early on we found that we wanted to return to one of our original ideas and focus on the notion of memory, both in terms of Maggie’s recollections and rediscovering who Grandpa was before and after his memory deteriorated. This gives us a bigger scope for a real journey within the piece, as opposed to it being about the length of Jack and Maurice’s adventures. One thing we had fun exploring was Maggie sorting through piles and piles of papers and documents with an accountant wading through the finances. We really started to catch glimpses of Grandpa through the things that he had left behind and the sparks of memory that came through Maggie when she found them. Peter had fun creating a fairly dense accountant who was more excited by the clippings of football fixtures and results than Grandpa’s notes about Maggie.

Day Two and back into rehearsals, in the not so unexpected place of Lincoln, as we were here yesterday…

We started to delve into the character of “Grandpa” but not before playing a couple of ridiculous games; which involved stretching, pretending to be a bee and setting ourselves on fire. After this very productive period we hot seated characters and played with the movement vocabulary of the coat and glasses that make up “Grandpa”. This really started to build a picture of who this man was and why he was interesting to make a show about. The show is quickly becoming autobiographically fictional due to us taking our own experiences and memories and recreating them within the characters.

That’s all for now folks!

Lovingly written by the Unexpected Team

(it really was a group effort… we wrote a paragraph each… )



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